• Online Classes

    Online Platform Program

    Start 31st May 2020, online. Your spiritual gifts are expansive and diverse and in this intensive 6-month mentorship program, the focus is how to present your mediumship publicly. Demonstrating evidential mediumship is part of this course, but you will also…

  • Online Classes

    Introduction to Psychic Detection

    I’m happy to be teaching a 3-week mini course in psychic detection for the Inspiral Centre in Essex, UK. This is a great introduction to psychic detection. For bookings, please contact Inspiral.

  • Online Classes

    The Psychic Detective

    Start 29th June 2020, online. Although this is the second Psychic Detection Course, you are welcome to book this course even if you did not attend the first one. It will be new content and different cases covered. If you…

  • Online Classes

    Intuition & Beyond

    Start 1 July 2020, online. In this new and exciting course, we will take a deep dive into our own intuitive knowing. Innate knowing (psychic) has traditionally been used to bring clarity to questions of everyday life, e.g. finance, love,…

  • Services

    Private Readings

    I’m offering private readings online. In a private reading, I will connect with your energy and become aware of your spirit and/or spirit in the other world. I hope to share the joy, love and compassion I have experienced communicating…

  • Services

    Private Tuition

    Private mentoring sessions online are open for all levels of spiritual development from beginners to advanced students. I will work with you individually and help you move forward in your development. You may wish to focus on a specific area…

  • Online Classes

    Trance Self Healing

    Start 20th May, online. In this 6-week online course we will look at Trance Self Healing. The trance connection allows a closer connection to spirit. As you surrender and invite spirit near, you sit in a space of pure love,…

  • Events,  Workshops & Classes

    Let’s continue online

    My public demonstrations are cancelled awaiting new government guidelines. If you are looking to advance your spiritual gifts, I have added more online courses. I’m offering online private readings and mentoring sessions. Wishing you all strength, positivity and wellness.

  • Online Classes

    Mediumship Through the Elements

    Start 11th May, online. Earth, Water, Air and Fire! Mediumship Through the Elements. The aim of this online course is to explore and expand your soul’s intuitive knowing and practice this in readings inspired by the four elements. This is…

  • Online Classes

    Intensive Mediumship Course

    Start 20th April, online. Intensive Mediumship is a course for those wanting to deepening their mediumship and intuitive knowing. There will be 2 classes/week for 3 weeks. In this course we will cover and work towards: Energy exercises and sitting…