• Workshops

    Sitting In the Power

    Sitting in the Power is a journey to discover the power of your own spirit and how it relates to a power beyond you. You often experience a feeling of oneness as you blend with the power of nature, the…

  • Online Classes

    The Entrancing Demonstrator – Online Program

    Your spiritual gifts are expansive and diverse and in this intensive 6-month mentorship program, including individual mentoring sessions, we will look how to present your mediumship publicly. Demonstrating evidential mediumship is part of this course, but you will also have…

  • Services

    Private Readings

    I’m happy to offer private readings online or in person. In a private reading, I will connect with your energy and naturally become aware of your spirit and/or spirit in the other world who wish to connect with you. I…

  • Online Classes

    Mediumskap & Intuition – Onlinekurs VT20

    Den 14 januari 2020 startar jag en onlinekurs för dig som önskar utveckla ditt mediumskap och intuition. Kursen hålls på svenska, men alla skandinaviska deltagare är varmt välkomna. I denna kurs kommer vi gå igenom: Energiövningar för att göra dig…

  • Services

    Mentoring Sessions

    Private mentoring sessions are open for all levels of spiritual development from beginners to advanced students. I will work with you individually and help you move forward in your development. You may wish to focus on a specific area or…

  • Services


    I regularly speak about and lead groups in meditation. This may include relaxation techniques and breath work to still the mind and develop inner peace and wellbeing. The practise of meditation has long been used to reduce the stress of…

  • Online Classes

    Online Course (Swedish) HT 2019

    Den 27 augusti startar jag en onlinekurs på svenska för dig som vill utveckla din intuition och mediumskap. Onlinekursen innehåller olika aspekter av andlighet, intuition, mediumskap och soulreadings. Kursen innehåller: • Meditationsövningar som hjälper dig att stilla tankarna. • Energiövningar…

  • Photography


    I have met so many interesting people from around the world in my work as a photographer. Musicians, fashion designers, stand-up comedians, actors and dancers. And for a moment, I can enter their world.