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    Let’s continue online

    If you are looking to advance your spiritual gifts, I have added more online courses. I’m offering online private readings and mentoring sessions. My public demonstrations are cancelled awaiting new government guidelines. Wishing you all strength, positivity and wellness.

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    The Psychic Detective – Unravel the Unknown

    Start 8th April 2020, online. If you are a developing or working medium, it’s likely that you will be asked to help bring clarity into family secrets, adopted children, mysteries and missing people or pets. Psychic detection does not always…

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    Free Healing Meditation

    Sunday 12th April online. Join Annevi for a free healing meditation to recharge and to become more aware of your own spirit as well as the spirit world. This is a relaxed session that suits everyone except absolute beginners of spiritual…

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    Channelling – Inspired Words & Wisdoms

    Start 19 April 2020, online. In this short course you will have opportunity to explore and practise channelling. The term channelling is perhaps more frequently used in America and refers to inspired speaking in an altered state. The medium enters…

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    Private Readings

    I’m offering private readings online. In a private reading, I will connect with your energy and become aware of your spirit and/or spirit in the other world. I hope to share the joy, love and compassion I have experienced communicating…

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    POSTPONED – Sitting in the Power

    This course have been postponed awaiting new government guidelines. Please keep checking the website for any further updates. Sitting in the Power is a journey to discover the power of your own spirit and how it relates to a power…

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    Mentoring Sessions

    Private mentoring sessions online are open for all levels of spiritual development from beginners to advanced students. I will work with you individually and help you move forward in your development. You may wish to focus on a specific area…

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    Aspects of Mediumship – mentorship program

    Start 22 March 2020. This is a joyful and extensive 6-month mentoring program looking at various aspects of mediumship. This course will give you an overview of different areas of mediumship. You are encouraged to be experimental, to try new…

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    Aspects of Trance

    Start 27 February 2020. In this 6-week course we will look at various aspects of trance. The trance connection allows a closer connection to spirit. As you surrender and invite spirit near, you sit in a space of pure love,…

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    Swedish Online Course VT20

    Den 14 januari 2020 startar jag en onlinekurs för dig som önskar utveckla ditt mediumskap och intuition. Kursen hålls på svenska, men alla skandinaviska deltagare är varmt välkomna. I denna kurs kommer vi gå igenom: Energiövningar för att göra dig…