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    Courses 2021

    3-WEEK SUNDAY COURSES The 3-week courses run once weekly on Sundays 19:00 CET. Equivalent to: 10AM Vancouver /11AM Denver /1PM New York /6PM London time. 21 Feb  The Time TravellerThe focus of this course is to explore the element of…

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    Start 15 February 2021, online. In this 6-week online course we will look at the trance connection. In trance you relax the body and the mind and connect to the love of your own spirit. From this place, you are…

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    Cinematic Mediumship

    Start 17 February 2021, online. Mediumship can be presented in different ways and in this course we will look at my favourite style of presenting mediumship, the cinematic style. We will work towards presenting your mediumship like a movie, where…

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    Platform Slam – Mentorship

    Starting 20 February 2021, online. This program will give you a better understanding of public mediumship as well as opportunity to practise and explore your mediumship, all in hopes you will feel more comfortable to present it publicly and to…

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    The Time Traveller

    Start 21 February 2021, online. The focus of this intensive 3-week mediumship course is to explore the element of time in mediumship. As mediums, it’s important that we are able to distinguish past, present and future. This is also helpful…

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    Mugshot Mediumship – Profiling

    Start Monday 29 March 2021, 6-week course. In this psychic detection course we will look more closely at profiling and journey into the mind of the criminal. Every perpetrator has their own story but there are a number of key…

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    Private Mentoring

    Private mentoring sessions online are open for all levels of spiritual development from beginners to advanced students. I will work with you individually and help you move forward in your development. You may wish to focus on a specific area…

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    Private Readings

    I’m offering private readings online. In a private reading, I will connect with your energy and become aware of your spirit and/or spirit in the other world. I hope to share the joy, love and compassion I have experienced communicating…

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    Public Demonstrations

    My public demonstrations are cancelled due to the pandemic. If you are looking to explore your spiritual gifts, I offer various online courses and mentoring sessions. I’m wishing you all strength, positivity and wellness.