I’m a psychic medium and I demonstrate mediumship publicly and offer private readings. I also teach how to develop our spiritual and intuitive gifts. I sensed the spirit world from an early age and I hope to share the joy, love and compassion I have experienced communicating with the spirit world.

I have a Certificate of Advanced Mediumship Development and Certificate of Platform Mediumship from Tony Stockwell’s Soul Space. I have attended many courses at the well-renowned Arthur Findlay College and Soul Space in England.

I have a M.A. in Literature, B.A. in Bilingualism and a M.Ed. and have previously worked as a university teacher in France. Today, I teach various aspects of spiritual development, including Mediumship, Trance, Channelling, Seership and Psychic Detection. I also run power classes at Soul Space.

I have worked as a photographer since 2010 and have a diploma in photography from RMIT University, Australia.