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Online Platform Program

Start 20 October 2019. Your spiritual gifts are expansive and diverse and in this intensive 6-month mentorship program, including individual mentoring sessions, we will look how to present your mediumship publicly. Demonstrating evidential mediumship is part of this course, but you will also have the opportunity to explore and demonstrate other aspects of your gifts, such as channelled messages and wisdom from your own soul.

In this program we will cover the following aspects of public demonstration and work towards:

Set the Scene – Create a welcoming space to demonstrate. Look at responsibility and ways to maintain the energy and the interest of the audience.

Opening Statements – How to introduce your spirit contact to the audience and find the recipient. Aim to let spirit tell their story.

The Entranced State –Explore the entranced state, to allow a more successful blend with the spirit world.

The Multifaceted Demonstrator – We will look at how and when we can demonstrate other gifts to better meet the need of those who have gathered. This may include seership, life guidance, prophecy, healing words, spirit art etc.

Soul Speak – Allow your own spirit a voice and let your soul’s knowingness lead the way.

The Uniqueness of You – Discover your style of presenting and demonstrating mediumship.

The aim of this program is for you to get a better understanding of demonstrating mediumship and feel more comfortable to present it publicly. Evidential mediumship is an essential part of demonstrating, but I hope you will allow yourself to be free to express what spirit wants to say, including channelled messages and soul guidance.

This program is limited to 12 students and will be in English. The program is open for intermediate students and above. It’s recommended that you are comfortable to make a spirit link, but you don’t need any prior demonstrating experience. This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to work with modern techniques and demonstrate more eclectically.

This online mentorship program include:
• 6 online sessions, 2h incl. a break. Every class will have a lecture (usually 1h). Most classes will have a practical element where you may be asked to practise or demonstrate that aspect + Q&A.
• Some exercises to be carried out between the monthly sessions. To get the most out of this program, you are strongly encouraged to practise demonstrating certain covered aspects, in front of an audience. Home demonstration is absolutely fine.
• Private Facebook group for the participants.
• 3 x 30 min INDIVIDUAL mentoring sessions with Annevi (online).

This program is designed to also suit students living in American and Canadian time zones. 
Sessions: Sunday 18:00-20:00 London Time (GMT+1)
20 October 2019
17 November 2019
8 December 2019
5 January 2020
9 February 2020
8 March 2020

Cost: The total cost for this mentorship program is £325.00 (plus EventBrite Booking Fee).


Cancellation Policy:
For this event, attendees can receive refunds up to 30 days before your event start date (20 September 2019). If less than 30 days before the event start, we will only offer a refund if the event is sold out and a waiting list is in operation. In both cases an administration fee of £10 per person will be deducted from the refunded amount, plus the EvenBrite booking fee.

Disclaimer & Legal: 
Although this course is advertised for mediumship development, we can’t guarantee such development will take place over the duration of the course or thereafter. All courses of this nature are offered as learning experiences only. We are obliged by law to state that differing opinions exist at to the validity of mediumship and that development is often subjective and can’t be measured. By agreeing to attend this course you accept that you will be willing to be part of the experiment of mediumship and psychic development and are attending knowing that this is the primary purpose for this course and you are willing to take part in classes and activities related to psychic and mediumship development.