Online Classes

Courses 2021

The 3-week courses run once weekly on Sundays 19:00 CET. Equivalent to: 10AM Vancouver /11AM Denver /1PM New York /6PM London time.

21 Feb  The Time Traveller
The focus of this course is to explore the element of time to distinguish past, present and future in mediumship.

The 6-week courses run once weekly, either on Monday or Wednesday 19:00 CET. Equivalent to: 10AM Vancouver /11AM Denver /1PM New York /6PM London time.

15 Feb  Trance-tastic
In trance, we’re reminded of the light within us and trance often leaves us feeling more in harmony with the worlds around us.

17 Feb   Cinematic Mediumship
In this mediumship course, we will work towards presenting your mediumship like a movie.

29 March Mugshot Mediumship – Profiling
In this psychic detection course we will look at profiling to unlock information, both psychic and mediumistic knowing.

31 March Mingle With the Stars – Conversations with Spirit
In this course, you’re invited to join a spiritual cocktail party and mingle with starbeings as well as friends and family in Spirit.

The mentorship programs runs on weekends to also suit attendants in Canada and America. Most programs run one time/month and the platform program sometimes two times/month, please check the dates for each program. All the programs also include privat mentoring sessions.

Feb– May  Platform Slam – Public Mediumship Program
This program will give you a better understanding of public mediumship as well as opportunity to practise and find your own style more.