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Just mediumship

Start 3rd October 2022. Mediumship is natural and in this course you get the opportunity to explore and fine-tune your innate ability. The focus of this course is the connection between you (your own spirit) and the spirit world. Every session includes “sitting in the power” as well as exercises to strengthen the connection between you and the spirit world.

This is a gentle course with focus on your energy and the essence of mediumship. The course is open to everyone. The focus is on your own development.

Dates and times:

3 October                         18-19 CEST

17 October                       18-19 CEST

31 October                       18-19 CET

14 November                   18-19 CET

28 November                   18-19 CET

12 December                   18-19 CET

Price: 1400 SEK (Swedish crowns)

To book this course, please use the contact form or send an email to: