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The Gold Standard is a list of the best hotels, bars and restaurants around the world. It’s put together once a year by Condé Nast Traveller and the Golden Standard of 2013 is published in the February edition.

One Australian bar made the exclusive list, The Croft Institute. It’s a wonderful bar, tucked down in an alleyway in Melbourne. I love this place. It has a funky vibe and it’s simply a great place to hang out.

I have photographed the official photos of Croft Institute and one of them is published in Condé Nast Traveller.

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I am very happy to see one of my photos on the cover of Fotosidan magasin, a Swedish photo magazine. The latest issue focus on fashion photography and I talk about how the image is created in an interview in the magazine.

More photos from the shoot with Olivia here.

Model: Olivia Constantinides
Make up and hair: Karolina Danielson
Stylists: Dee Omar, Johanna Folmer and Nikeisha Andersson.


New work with a fantastic team.

Model: Olivia Constantinides
Make up and hair: Karolina Danielson
Stylists: Dee Omar, Deeonic (designer of the dotted dress below), Johanna Folmer and Nikeisha Andersson, one of Sweden’s coolest filmmakers.

A dear friend was diagnosed with skin cancer (malignant melanoma) in September. Anyone who has been through that knows how difficult it is, to just helplessly stand beside.

I took up life drawing again and it has become one of my favourite moments of the week, to spend a few hours in complete silence, drawing.

It has been a rough year but there are also a lot to be thankful of. The surgeons managed to rid of all the cancer and I’m so grateful.

I was recently asked to participate in a group exhibition in Stockholm. I’ve had a couple of drawings published in Australian Sketch Magazine, but I’ve never exhibited any drawings before so this is all new to me.

Life is strange sometimes.


It’s official! Utan title was released today.

I photographed and mixed this for the folk singer-songwriter Jörgen Kjellgren. It was so much fun working on it from start to finish. Australian Estelle Moughton is modelling. I hope you like it!

Utan Titel from Jörgen Kjellgren on Vimeo.

Utan titel is one of the songs on Kjellgren’s EP St Judas, free for download here.

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I am in Melbourne for work but yesterday I did some shopping along Brunswick Street yesterday at Alpha 60. One of the pieces was from the Sportsgirl collection with my photo was printed on the tag. So nice to see in print and kind of put a smile on my face.

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I picked up the keys today. To my new studio space in the heart of Stockholm. I’m moving into the studio of the two talented and lovely photographers, Carl-Johan Paulin (advertising) and Mathias Nero (architecture).

Studio address: Igeldammsgatan 22A, lvl 2.


Hilda Ekeroth is currently doing her fifth year at Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts and Materially Embodied is her first solo show. I think the series is absolutely beautiful. Materially Embodied is on 18 September – 9 October 2010 at Gallery Fifth Floor, Istedgade 136, Copenhagen.

Artist statement – Hilda Ekeroth

Oljan mimar plasten. Dom mimar varandra.
Pigmentet faller genom oljan och placerar sig emellan. Under ytan.

The oil mimes the plastic. They mime each other.
The pigment falls through the oil and places itself in between. Under the surface.

(free translation)


A self portrait series I photographed in 2008, but haven’t posted before.


Model: Mirash
Make-up: Christina