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Annevi - Portraits

Super talented songbird Eli Na has released a new EP, Nature Is My Mother Now. Under her previous alias Dear Euphoria, her music has reached hundreds of thousands of plays on Youtube and BBC has called her ”The Swedish Kate Bush”.

In Nature Is My Mother Now, Eli Na is back with her distinctive dreamy, magical sound and beautiful lyrics. Nature Is My Mother Now, is available on Spotify. Below is the new song Jasmine.




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…feels like I’m falling behind; feels like I’ve lost the time…
Voice like an angel

Australian Stu Larsen is touring all over the world with Passenger, supporting his shows. Amongst all of that, Stu and Japanese harmonica player Natsuki Kurai recorded an EP, Ryeford, in Australia. Reyford was released this summer and Stu and Natsuki have been touring Europe the last month.

I met up with them in Copenhagen. They arrived late in the afternoon after a long drive from southern Germany, where they had played the night before. We took some photos in the somewhat rough area of Vesterport before the show. And what a wonderful show.

PS. Stu Larsen will be back in Scandinavia playing with Passenger the 31st October in Stockholm and 3rd November in Copenhagen.

And a video session Stu and Natsuki recorded in Copenhagen.

Support act to Stu and Natsuki was Danish band Davenport. They have just released their new album, Bloodshot Eyes. Really good stuff.


My beautiful friend and super talented street artist Deb is back in Melbourne. She is busy painting around Australia at the moment. I adore her feminine ladies and you can find them around the city, well, around the world really.

The second painting is from Uniacke Ct, CBD Melbourne. You find more of her work at her site.



(The drawing in the first photo is by another artist.)

Last year I sat in a tiny room next to the stage at a music venue in Stockholm with a couple of friends. Stu Larsen and Michael Rosenberg aka Passenger played the guitar and sang a bit before they were to go on stage. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I met up with Stu in Copenhagen a couple of months ago on his European tour with Natsuki Kurai and we took some portraits in the hip and rugged area Vesterbro.

Stu and Passenger played in Stockholm last week, in a much larger venue, for a massive crowd. Of course. “Let Her Go” by Passenger reached number one in Sweden, as it did in many other countries. And their music is stronger than ever.

The room by the stage may have gotten bigger but some things remained exactly the same. Stu and Mike are both so warm and friendly and really quite funny. And it was as great as always catching up before they hit the road continuing their tour.

Some photos from the Stockholm show.

Stu Larsen (support)








Let Her Go, recorded last year. Directed by Dave Jensen.

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Helena Biehl is the new star astrologer for Amelia Magazine. We met up on an warm autumn day in Stockholm and took some new profile portraits. Swedish readers can see her column here.


I lived in Melbourne when I heard of Dear Euphoria the first time. I had been seeing a Swedish musician and he went on and on about the band. I downloaded the songs and was completely blown away.

I remember that I had an assignment to develop 5×4 prints at RMIT and I spent 30 minutes in complete darkness in the darkroom just listening to Elina’s voice. It’s impossible not to be moved.

Dear Euphoria played in Stockholm last night and the room was completely quiet. The woman sitting next to me had tears in her eyes and I could feel mine tear up too. It’s just so beautiful, fragile and strong at the same time.

Some photos from last night. Emil (Koko) helped out on stage.

(Video Daniel Hager)

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Lilla Namo just released her first single, Haffa Guzz and she has created quite a buzz at the Swedish hip hop scene. Definitely a talented cool chick who’s up and coming.

Haffa Guzz is available at iTunes. My photo.

Stockholm Photography Week has just ended and I did a 3-day master class workshop with Anders Petersen. I love the rawness of his pictures, yet they remain human, sympathetic to the subject.

It’s been intense and inspiring days and Petersen was generous in sharing his experiences and to give feedback. He gave us a couple of assignments to shoot and present the following day and below are my photos.


Make up and hair: Karolina Danielson
Photo assistants: Jessica Andersson and Alexandra Jouper


I saw Circle of Memory, an installation by Eleanor Coppola last summer. It’s an installation of grief, but as you always find when you come close to death and loss, you also find love and hope.

Circle of Memory was a quiet installation that gave room for silence and reflection, yet very powerful in its form. Visitors had left hundreds of notes, declarations of love, casually stuck to the walls of straw. An overwhelming declaration of love which was deeply moving.

Eleanor Coppola returned to Stockholm to give a speech at the International Women’s Day yesterday. I had expected her to talk about Circle of Memory. Instead she talked about finding her creative voice, as a woman, as an artist. It was even better, very honest and once again, deeply moving.