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I’m currently redoing my website to include my mediumship. For now, this is a diary of some of demonstrations and services I will do in 2018:

Demonstrations of Mediumship & Services

Sunday 21 January, Service
Balham Spiritualist Church,London SW17 7BQ. Time 11:00-12:00.

Wednesday 24 January, Demonstration
Demonstration Barnes Healing Church, London SW13 0PW. Time: 19:30-20:30

Tuesday 27 February, Demonstration
Wickford Awareness Centre, Wickford SS12 9AP. Time 19:30

Sunday 4 March, Demonstration
Open Arms Spiritual Haven, Grays RM17 5YN. Time: 19:30

Friday 9 March, Evening of Seership
Talking Feather Spiritual Events, Harold Wood, RM3 0PU. Time: 20:00-21

Saturday 10 March, Psychic Supper
Chelmsford Spiritual Society, Chelmsford CM1 2RG. Time: 18:00

Saturday 17 March, Demonstration
The Beeches Spiritual Church, Ipswich IP4 2PF. Time: 19:00

Sunday 18 March, Service
Chelmsford Spiritual Society, Chelmsford CM1 2RG. Time: 18:30-20:00

Tuesday 3 April, Demonstration (SWEDEN)
Café Kjuge, Kjugekull, Skåne. Time: tbc

Sunday 22 April, Demonstration (SWEDEN)
Öppna Spiritualister, Högbergsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden. Time: 18:00-19:30

Thursday 26 April, Demonstration
Spirit of Holiness Spiritual Church, Bethnal Green E2 6HG. Time: 19:30-21:00

Thursday 16 May, Demonstration (NORWAY)
Norsk Spiritualist Forening, Oslo, Norway. Time 18:30-20:00

Monday 28 May, Demonstration
Basildon Mediumship Nights, Basildon SS14 1TH. Time: 20:00-22:00

Tuesday 26 June, Demonstration
Chelmsford Spiritual Society, Chelmsford CM1 2RG. Time: 19:30-21:00

Sunday 1 July, Service
Barnes Healing Church, London SW13 0PW. Time: 18:30-20:00

Thursday 26 July, Demonstration (SWEDEN)
Café Kjuge, Kjugekull, Skåne. Time: tbc

Sunday 16 September, Demonstration (SWEDEN)
Sanningssökarna, Stockholm, Sweden. Time: tbc.

Tuesday 30 October, Demonstration
Wimbledon Spiritualist Church, London SW19 3TG. Time 19:30

Friday 09 November, Demonstration
Hockley Spiritualist Centre, Hockley SS5 4PZ. Time: 19:30

Wednesday 5 December, Demonstration
Barnes Healing Church, London SW13 0PW. Time: 19:30-20:30

I had the pleasure of attending Spiritual Medium Andy Byng’s workshop held at Tony Stockwell’s Soul Space this weekend. Andy also demonstrated his mediumship Friday evening and it was amazingly evidential. I was lucky to get a message from one of my relatives who passed tragically in an accident before I was born. Although I know a lot about him, it was the first time he came through, so that was just wonderful.

I’ve spent the week at beautiful Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, Stansted delving into psychic work. Tony Stockwell, Lynn Probert and Andrew Manship created one of the best weeks I’ve attended at AFC. Moving beyond everyday psychic work and into the realms of the soul’s promise, what the unconscious mind needs our conscious mind to know. Highlighting that which is needed at this moment and empowering us to move forward.


I’m so excited about this workshop the 28th December I’m organising in Sweden. Working on a psychic level using angel- and fairy cards to help strengthen or rather clarify that inner knowing. Hoping you might want to join me. For questions and bookings, please message me.

I sat down by the beach and listened to the waves and breathed in the salty smell of the ocean. It was the perfect prep before doing a demonstration of mediumship at St Cecilia’s Church at Leigh-On-Sea. When the atmosphere is right, the links seem to flow easier.

It was my first visit to Ipswich and how lovely to be greeted by the sound of seagulls and the smell of salty water. I also had a lovely evening demonstrating mediumship at the Beeches.


I’m in Sweden and have organised an intuitive workshop (in Swedish) the 2nd September. It will be held in Swedish.

Jag kommer att hålla en 1-dagsworkshop i intuition lördagen den 2 september kl 10-16 i Åhus. Den kommer innehålla olika intuitiva övningar, meditation och möjligheter att ställa frågor om medialitet/andlighet. Inga förkunskaper behövs.


The workshop was a beautiful day with wonderful students who worked hard and gave encouragement and support to each other. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of. This was part of a flower reading exercise.


I’ve had an amazing weekend in Edinburgh, attending a trance weekend workshop with Tony Stockwell at the prestigious Arthur Conan Doyle Centre. It was wonderful to sit in the energies but also to spend more time with old and new friends. A friend of mine picked me up at the airport and we got to spend the day at a spa castle, just bliss for the soul.

I’ve spent the week at beautiful Arthur Findlay College and Tony Stockwell’s course The Demonstrating Medium. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by talented mediums from around the world, together trying to push the boundaries even further.


Another year has passed, another mentorship program has ended. I’m delighted to say that I have been awarded a certificate of achievement for successfully completing Tony Stockwell and Natalie Walker’s Platform Mediumship Mentorship Program 2016, including Demonstrating Mediumship, Public Speaking, Philosophy and Ethics.